GPP Wants Community to Think 'Recycling' This Coming Earth Day

About a month ago, members of the Global Premier Properties Team noticed that several boxes of brown paper bags had been sitting in the corner of one of the offices at headquarters for a long time.

"About 900 bags sat in the corner of one of our offices, and we just got tired of looking at them everyday. We didn't really know what to use them for until we thought about who we were," said Jesse Guzman, Broker and Owner of GPP, Inc.

It occurred to the team that this Earth Day would make the perfect opportunity to give these bags a purpose. This week, leading up to Earth Day (April 22nd) agents at Global Premier will be handing out all 900 of these bags to various neighborhoods in San Fernando. The goal of this effort is to get people to fill these bags with Recyclable Material, set the bags out on Earth Day, and members of the Global Premier Team and Kiwanis San Fernando will pick them all up and take them to be recycled.

"We know people already do a great job of recycling, and probably fill their own bins often. This is just an extra effort to try and get a whole community to think about recycling for the same purpose, on the same day, together. We'd love to see our brown bags united at the end of 900 driveways this coming Sunday" said Guzman.

The idea for this 'Earth Day Recycling Challenge' comes directly from the company's way of thinking about their role in the community, and in the world.

"We like to work from our name a lot. It sets the tone for this team's ambition," said Eli Beery, a team member at Global Premier. "We started thinking about 'Global Premier' as a standard for achievement, and here we try to work with the mentality that we have to be the change we want to see. So, Earth Day seemed like a great time to do something, plus we had all of these bags and they weren't going anywhere."

The bags will be handed out to 900 homes in San Fernando for the next couple of days so that people will keep them in mind, and fill them leading up to Earth Day. The Global Premier team is hopeful that the community is accepting of the challenge, and will consider it just another chance to act 'the Global way.'

-GPP, Inc.

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