San Fernando Leaders Gathered to Help Support Youth

This month, student representatives from the San Fernando Institute of Applied Media Middle School will be taking a trip to see our nation's capitol. On the 27th, these students will be making their way to Washington D.C. and New York City to get some physical perspective on the historical locations they have learned about in history classes. While a trip like this requires a lot of financial backing, in San Fernando it is unanimously understood how pivotal this experience could be for the youth. Many San Fernando business and community leaders have decided to get involved in this effort.

On February 23rd, San Fernando Wing-Stop and Baltazar Martinez of Farmer's Insurance co-sponsored a fundraising event hosted by Gilbert Berriozabal. The event included dinner, music, a silent auction, and a raffle, all for the sake of helping these students meet their goals. Over $6,000 was raised during the evening from San Fernando businesses and community members.

Backpacks and gift cards donated by Jesse and Sandy Guzman (Global Premier Properties, Manzanitas Las Originales

Among the event attendees was Jesse Guzman, Global Premier's Owner/Broker, and his wife Sandy Guzman. Jesse and Sandy participated as representatives of Global Premier Properties and Manzanitas Las Originales, and together they donated custom backpacks and gift cards for every student making the trip. The Guzmans have voiced their excitement about being a part of this effort. They have mentioned their pride for San Fernando, and more specifically, how important it is for the youth to have opportunities to grow.

Some of the sites these students will see on this trip include: The Capitol Building, The White House, Arlington National Cemetery, museums such as the Smithsonian, and many memorials. In New York: The Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero.

Our company wishes these students warm regards and safe travels on this unique experience.

Please consider helping these students continue to reach their fundraising goals.

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