We Made a Super Bowl Ad... Sort of..

On Sunday, the Super Bowl became a story of under-dogs (Eagles, Tide) finding a way to win. For Global Premier Properties, the day marked the beginning of a new emphasis on client relations. Global Premier is starting a new campaign of fun and informative social media videos, and the first of many was created in honor of Super Bowl Sunday.

The video, titled "Broker's Bowl," was created as a comedic play on the big game itself. It focussed on presenting the company's general attitude for the coming year: Global Premier is a persistent offense that knows how to close. In the video, 11 members of G.P.P.'s team of Realtors were introduced by name and school affiliation. The concept plays on traditional starting lineup reels during televised football programming.

This decision to go video heavy in 2018 originated from Global Premier's Broker/Owner Jesse Guzman's desire to create a strong YouTube presence. As a team, members of this San Fernando Valley Real Estate company are ready to shake the under-dog stigma. The group has an aspiration to be helpful and vocal, and this video campaign will be the start of a larger, global connectivity.

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