Guzman Hosting Informative Seminars in 2018

Global Premier Properties' Broker, Jesse Guzman, is kicking off the new year by teaching classes to new Realtors and new professionals alike. The classes are called Global Way Seminars, and typically run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. The first class took place last week, and the second is today at 3:30 pm. The class today will be a continuation of the last class on understanding contracts, and it will focus even more on contract templates.

As of now, these seminars have focused primarily on engaging Global Premier Realtors, however Guzman has mentioned a plan to bring in an audience outside of the company. These seminars are intended to teach the practical aspects of conducting business in the modern world, and Guzman's experience gives him the right tools to teach and engage all who are willing to listen.

A tentative schedule of upcoming seminars will be set and released soon. If you have an interest in attending something that could help you as a growing professional or Realtor, email for information.

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