Global Premier is a professional Real Estate Brokerage in Mission Hills, CA. Our network extends all across the San Fernando Valley and beyond. 

While our touch may be boutique, our work ethic is world class. We strive to be resourceful, committed, and meaningful.

"I wonder how much value we've added with the improvements."

"That could end up being a costly renovation."

"I want to sell, but I think we have too much work to do."

Allow us to put together a comprehensive analysis for you. 

Homeowners, give yourselves a chance to understand your property's current market value before investing in large-scale improvements.

Want to know the current value of your home?

Looking for something new?

Analyze and Discuss your needs.

Fill out buyer's questionnaire.

Consult with In-house 

buying specialist.

​Pre-qualification meeting

We can find your dream home.

Real Estate by Design

Using a combination of research, media, and experience, we will cater a specific

marketing plan to your home - making sure you get the best offer possible.

As a "Boutique" Brokerage, we pride ourselves on being media marketing specialists. From

simple flyers to online data capture, our strategy incorporates equal parts: Content + Placement

 Best Real Estate Award  

                         Did You know?      

Many potential home buyers don't want to utilize the services of a

Real Estate Agent because they don't want to pay a commission fee. 


The truth is that both agents (listing and buying) are commissioned by the Seller. Never the buyer. 

So don't let the idea of fees prevent you from achieving your dreams!

Real Estate Professionals can help you avoid problems down the road,

and they can ensure you get the right home at the right price.


We are Real Estate Professionals from every corner of

Los Angeles, and we are ready to assist you today.

Taking Over

As a Team. 



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